Fish 3m long with internal pollution debris

Human waste impact our wildlife

Congratulations to the New South Wales government drawing attention to the impact of human waste on birds and marine life.

This 2.4-metre-high pelican sculpture and 3-metre fish sculptures were recently produced for the N.S.W government to draw attention to the plight of sea creatures and birds which are ingesting the plastic waste of humans who have allowed millions of tonnes of these remnant plastics to enter the world’s rivers and oceans.

The exhibits showcase a pelican overwhelmed by plastic bag waste and a giant cod with an exploding stomach exposing everything from cigarette butts to crab traps, fishing line, rope waste, plastic straws, cups, and drink bottles.

It is hoped that these larger-than-life reconstructions will ‘shock’ the public into changing their bad habits and encourage greater recycling efforts for the sake of Planet Earth.

This project was a dream opportunity for Natureworks to combine its skills in fabrication with its passion to draw attention to the challenges facing the world and the desperate need for an immediate change by individuals to clean up their act.

Sculpting the Pelican - In workshop production

Giant fish - concept art

Giant fish completed showing Debris

Giant waste products - for fish display

Pelican on bommie - completed

Painting the Pelican

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