Your fibreglass replica requires little maintenance if kept indoors, however there are a few things you can do to keep it looking like new, especially if kept outside in the weather.

Please note the following care instructions:

  • Most stock items are painted with a standard acrylic paint, so if you intend to put them outdoors, the pieces will require a protective coating to assist in preserving integrity and colours of paint. For an additional fee, Natureworks can apply a commercial grade hard-wearing polyurethane clear coating, called ‘2 pac finish’ (see FAQs). Make sure you specify 2Pac finish when ordering items that will be used outdoors.
  • Most products are designed for display only, so if they are going to be exposed to the public and/or climbed on, they may need to be reinforced and have fixings installed to secure them to a solid footing. This can be quoted as an additional modification at time of ordering. We can also build items to meet Australian Playground Certification standards, where appropriate.
  • The paint finishes will not tolerate submersion under water and it is imperative that no water is allowed to pool on any painted surface.
  • Annually at least, wash with warm, soapy water or sugar soap if required using a soft cloth.
  • Do not wash with steel wool, or any other materials which may scratch or damage the surface.
  • If kept outside, you will need to re-coat the clear protective coating every 12 to 18 months depending on your climate. This can be done with a good quality enamel clear gloss (a spray can is alright). Test it on a small inconspicuous area first. The replica needs to be cleaned before you re-coat with the clear coat. We use Resene Uracryl Clear Semi-Gloss for our protective coating.
  • Give your replica a light hand sand using 240 grit sandpaper, then clean off any excess dirt and grit and repaint per the paint manufacturer’s specs. If you desire a high polish or glossy look use a high gloss Uracryl instead.
  • Note the colour red and its derivatives are at the greatest risk of fading.
  • Colour finish touch up kits are available for small chips or scratches.
  • Note that we can do repaints and repairs depending on the scope of work required.

Looking for more info? Contact us, or read the FAQs