Most Frequently Asked Questions about Natureworks

Our sculpture can be ship all around Australia and worldwide. Just give us a holler and we are ready to move. You choose, we deliver!

Natureworks can deliver anywhere in Australia or around the world, or you can pick up from our premises in Highvale, near Samford on Brisbane’s northside (see map & contact details). You are also welcome to use your own carrier. We can arrange a container or truck load of fibreglass animals, trees, rocks or other products if you want!

Shipping costs depend on the type, size and number of products ordered, as well as the delivery location and timing. 

Due to the wide range of product shapes, sizes and weights, we cannot show delivery prices on the website. We often need to make custom-built crates to protect your items in transit. 

To get a shipping quote, create a list of the products you want (by clicking the ‘add to list’ button on product pages), then submit a quote request (or give us a call). Make sure to include the shipping address.

For more info, see delivery and installation services.

Unless otherwise indicated, all our models are produced from a durable high quality polyester resin, hand laminated and fully reinforced with FIBREGLASS.

These are NOT to be confused with the thousands of low cost, unreinforced, highly brittle polyresin castings coming out of China, which are totally unsuitable for external use.

2Pac finish provides a harder, more durable finish for fibreglass sculptures, to preserve paint colour and integrity. We recommend this finish as essential for any item that will be used outdoors, displayed inside in areas subject to bright sunlight, climbed on, or touched and handled frequently. Even for internal use, 2Pac can reduce the effects of sunlight or sticky fingers!

It is called ‘two pack’ because it combines two sorts of resin – one to provide colour and gloss, and the other as a hardener to reduce yellowing and promote durability. An item finished with 2 Pac is more resistant to heat, moisture and cracking, so it will last much longer.

If your items will be used outside, make sure to specify ‘2Pac’ as an extra when requesting a quote. If you’re not sure whether it’s needed, please ask when you request a quote, or contact us for more info.

Please bear in mind that any finish will deteriorate over time if left untreated. See our product care page for more information.

All our quality products are made to withstand normal use as a statue or piece of art. They are not made to be climbed on or be treated as a toy, unless specified. We can reinforce them, provide secure fixings, or make them to meet Australian Playground Standard certification if needed.

These products will last indefinitely if used indoors but as the use of the products are beyond our control, and subject to the elements, no warranties are offered for outdoor use. If used outdoors and especially in full sun for any extended period, you should be prepared to undertake some maintenance to the finishes. Any protection from the sun, even the shade of the tree, will significantly reduce fading and other wear to the paint surfaces. You can do any minor repairs using superglue, epoxy resin or polyester putty fillers.

An internal armature made of steel gives extra strength and is standard for sculptures designed to be climbed on, such as artificial rocks or playground items. This extra can be added to other custom products on request (ask when requesting a quote).

All products that are mainly for outdoor use should have a special resin coating added, to help them retain their colour and last many years longer. Please specify ‘2Pac’ finish when ordering (see previous FAQ about 2Pac).

For info on looking after your fibreglass sculpture, see product care information.

See the ‘Specifications’ tab on any product page, under the description and image/s. Sizes are shown in centimetres, as length x width x height. For example, 70 x 51 x 88 means the sculpture is 70cm (0.7 metres) long, 51cm wide and 88cm high.

Weight is also shown under the specifications, in kilograms (kg). If no size or weight is shown, it is most likely a custom or grouped product. This means the size and weight varies according to your specification. Please note we can make most products in different sizes if required.

Yes, you are welcome to request a custom colour on most of our products. Our animal, plant and rock sculptures generally feature colours from nature, but we can finish products in any colour you want. You can specify corporate or team colours, glow-in-the-dark finish, extra bright colours or other variations.

Simply add a comment when requesting a quote or contact us to discuss the options.

Yes, we can make custom products to your specifications.

Want it smaller, larger or giant size? Need a sculpture facing the other way, or in a different pose or ratio? We can create variants of most products. If you can imagine it, we can make it! Please note custom designed products may take longer to produce than readily available stock items.

Just contact us to let us know what you want!

If you need to be able to move the product around frequently, we can provide relevant fittings. For example, we can provide a wheeled base, or adjust the design to make it more movable. Just specify when requesting a quote.

We can provide a steel mounting plate that lets you fix a sculpture to a flat surface, increasing safety and security.

Some products are suitable for wall mounting, or suspended from above using hooks and wires. Let us know what you need when requesting a quote.

Having a unique, lifelike or giant size sculpture can be quite a drawcard for customers! Some products are designed to provide visitors with a photo opportunity, or to draw attention from passers-by. For example, see our giant koala or the enormous redback spider!

We can provide a custom sign that includes your branding, some text and visual information, or wayfinding guidance. Signs can be integrated or provided separately, depending on the product. Specify as an extra when making your enquiry.

Giant Koala Sitting

You can pay by credit/debit card (Mastercard, Visa), bank transfer, PayPal or cash. We’ll give you the details when you order. All goods must be paid in full (including delivery if requested) prior to collection or shipping.

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