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Safari animals

Safari themed Décor 3D Sculptures for sale
Safari Animal sculptures catalogue

Natureworks has the largest collection of life-size 3D fibreglass Safari animals in the world.

They are of the highest quality in both sculpture and painting.

Our craftsmen need a delicate hand, in-depth knowledge of the correct process and materials needed to layer the core structure, a good eye for detail and overarching creativity to satisfy the client’s needs to truly imitate mother nature. We can help you create an immersive themed environment complete with Safari themed décor elements such as jungle vines, artificial trees and plants, various animal carcasses, mural wall art, Wall art and themed wall panels.

Perhaps you were looking to send a unique handmade sculpture to a family member or friend for a present? we have many stocked items ready to be delivered to your door.

Take a look at our collection of safari animals to help inspire you and if you look after them they will be with you for a very long time due to the strength and durability of the fibreglass construction.

Our Safari animals are available in various sizes – from miniatures to life-size and larger than life-size. Many of our themed safari statues are display across the country – Mini Golf Courses, shopping malls, retail outlets, zoos, environmental centres, childcare centres, theme parks, libraries, private landscapes, resorts, pubs and clubs and there is a growing trend to use them to theme children’s play areas in many medical and professional practitioners such as dentists, hospitals, law firms and commercial businesses.

If you cannot find what you are looking for just ask – we can replicate anything with the full characteristics of any statue to satisfy our customers.

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