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Marine & Sea Life

Natureworks nautical marine sea life catalogue
Nautical theming – marine and sea life

Marine Life – Nautical themed life-size sculptures

In celebration of these wonderful, alluring animal species we have spent years creating reconstructions of life-size marine life so you can observe them from your home, office, or community space.

We specialize in natural history life-size wildlife animals and are continually in awe of their natural features and their evolution. Our goal is to inspire the love of wildlife big and small by creating conversations around these amazing creatures.

The amazing collection of sculptures are available to help provide a useful tool to educators, museums, enthusiasts, nature lovers that will enhance your surroundings and the fascinations of the natural wonders of the world we live in, help creatures of the land, sea and skies be seen and heard.

Marine Life – Nautical themed life-size sculptures
Nautical Theming Catalogue

Natureworks Nautical Water play creature catalogue
Marine Life Creatures – come to life!

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