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Mammals of the World

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Natureworks Mammals – Statues – Life-size Animal Sculptures

Natureworks has a comprehensive range of the most well-known and interesting mammals alive today and some that have become extinct or are endangered from around the world.

These realistic 3D sculptures have been carefully handcrafted to the museum standard. Browse through the beautiful collection of realistic fibreglass mammal sculptures.

They are continually custom sculpting new items for their clients and creating new moulds to add to their library of stocked inventory ready to be shipped to your door. Natureworks can custom build to suit our client’s needs.

Many of our larger sturdier sculptures are popular for use as functional playground art, and public display purposes. They are popular with museums, childcare centres, mini-golf courses, shopping centres, environmental centres, council projects, theme parks, restaurants, resorts and many high-end residences.

They offer a custom design service in various mediums, size and colour depending on the requirement and purpose of the sculpture required.  If you prefer the look and feel of solid bronze, stainless steel, gold and silver leaf, aluminium, flocked or mossed for a soft dimension, or glass fibre-reinforced cement (GFRC), This is fine art at its best – Phone a quote and advice on your next project.

If you prefer faux bronze, a silver finish or a custom colour or a  quirky or wacky paint job such as painting your horse bright pink or your jaguars with tiger stripes, the possibilities are endless. Beyond Realism – cryptozoology is a creative form of art that combines fantasy, imagination and art if you would like help tapping into your creative spirit, then the Natureworks team can help inspire you and walk you through the process from start to finish. Call Natureworks on 07 3289 7555 to get started with your next project.

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