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Child‘s Play – playground equipment & sculptures

The Natureworks Child’s Play brochure introduces our inspirational range of sculptures, props and playground equipment. These are designed for public playgrounds, water parks and other outside or inside play spaces for children.

At Natureworks, we want to stimulate kids’ love of nature and encourage them to play! Because of this, our play equipment, child-friendly decor and playground sculptures aim to inspire children’s wonder of the natural world.

Our child’s play brochure gives you an overview of what’s possible. For more detail, you can click on images within the brochure, see our playground products online, or download playground theming catalogues.

Click on pictures and buttons within the brochure to view info on the Natureworks website!

In the brochure, you can explore our range of playground products… Animal play sculptures, artificial caves, climbing trees and rocks, water play animals, fantasy props, prehistoric creatures and fun-filled fossil digs. You can also read some basic guidance on playground safety and planning, and see concept sketches of playground design ideas.

To determine which play products are suitable for your purpose, please ask us for guidance. We understand this discipline extremely well. As a result, we can advise on product selection, finishes, certification and safety considerations.

If you’d like custom-designed play equipment certified to Australian Standards, just ask us! Or if you’d like more info on selecting safe products for play spaces, please read our post about playground safety.

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