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Bringing nature indoors

You may not think that trees belong inside. At Natureworks, we think differently! An artificial tree can make a space seem magical, stimulate the imagination, provide a place for children to play, or create a sense of relaxation for a building’s occupants and visitors.

Creating artificial trees and plants is one of Natureworks’ specialties. We have created trees for:

  • Adventure playgrounds
  • School and childcare (libraries and indoor play spaces)
  • Hotels, clubs and resorts
  • Theme parks and movie set designs
  • Botanical gardens, landscape architecture projects
  • Window displays and shopping centre entry statements
  • Environmental and educational centres
  • Museums and zoos, for natural habitat exhibits
  • Mini golf courses

If you want to bring a sense of nature’s wonder into your interior or exterior space, we can design and construct any shape, size or type of artificial tree, and even supply animals to go with it! Contact us to discuss the possibilities, or request a custom project.

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