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Giant Pebbles – Fake Rocks Seats
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Artificial Custom Rock Formations

Giant Pebbles – Fake Rocks Seats

These giant pebbles look like they are extremely heavy and have been brought straight from the quarry or a dug out of a cave. They are made from lightweight fibreglass and coloured to look like rocks.  They have been finished with the finer details of rocks with various cracks and markings that are pleasing to the eye. Choose from a Dark grey, light grey and medium grey or any other shade or colour that you would like. If you require them to look like cow patties, we can have them designed to be a wonderful conversation starter when people drop by.!

They are available in various heights and widths depending on your needs as each one is custom built to our client’s needs.

These are no ordinary seats and will be a real feature for any garden or veranda. They can also include various fossils or themed motifs. We can also sell them as a family of rocks and sized to fit together as one large rock or sold individually and designed to suit your décor

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