Our Story, your Inspiration

Natureworks founder David Joffe has dedicated his life to creating a collection of moulds of nature’s art and providing museum-quality replicas. These provide inspiration for a wide range of commercial sculpture projects for our clients, who range from theme parks and wildlife centres to local council playgrounds, tourist attractions, shops and restaurants.

A library of museum quality replicas

David Joffe established the Natureworks concept in 1979 following his ten years of training as a Queensland Museum preparator.

Since its inception, Natureworks Pty Ltd has pursued a commitment to retain a museum standard master of every item of wildlife art the company produces. This now numbers over 3,000 items! Copies of these masters have since been continually drawn on for use in both the private and commercial sectors. This “library” of exhibit resources positions Natureworks as a unique supplier of highly detailed replicas for use in museums worldwide.

Over the years, the business has been inundated with the strangest of requests and has subsequently amassed an unparalleled collection of natural history sculptures and oddities. Combined with Director David Joffe’s knowledge and expertise, this sculpture collection affords Natureworks a leading edge in the theming industry.

Natural history sculpture art

The collection includes literally thousands of animal, bird, reptile, and frog castings, gleaned from life and original sculptures including logs, trees, roots, rocks, ponds, fungi, corals, invertebrates, termite mounds, water lilies, dinosaurs, giant crystals, and fossils as your artistic inspiration. These molds provide a unique resource when the need arises to create beautiful natural habitats and environments

40 years' experience

Natureworks have created a wide range of sculptures and environments for zoos, aviaries, cultural centres, theme parks, botanical gardens, shopping malls, aquaria, playgrounds, mini-golf and museums.

Demand for Natureworks products is increasing as the world’s pristine habitats dwindle and extinctions proliferate. Contact Natureworks to see how we can bring your project to life with original ideas, professional experience and a sense of humour!

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How Natureworks Started

david j sculpture -

David Joffe is a high energy creative thinker who passionately purses his interest in art and natural history – an interest that was nurtured by the encouragement of his parents in his early childhood. Throughout his teenage years, this inspired his passion to collect, create and replicate the elements of the natural world.

Giant Matilda the KangarooDavid was trained as a museum preparator for ten years at the Queensland Museum. This training fine-tuned his skills in the art of replicating elements of the natural world. He left the museum in 1979 determined to be the world’s first museum preparator to apply museum techniques to the commercial world.

His vision was to apply the strict guidelines required of museum standard replicas into both the public and private sectors which required wildlife and habitat art at the highest level. David’s passion for replicating the magic of the natural world to this high level of accuracy guides his vision for the company’s future.

Giant koalas with DavidDavid developed a unique skill over many years of fabrication and construction. The knowledge of his art pieces adds a creative edge, which helps clients finalise their ideas within limited budgets. He draws on the Natureworks range of extensive production line items, which do not require the expense of having to custom sculpt and mould new items.