A wide range of commercial clients

At Natureworks, we do a wide range of sculpture projects for government and commercial clients, as well as selling sculpture products direct to private buyers. We are proud of our work and make every effort to build harmonious, collaborative client relationships to ensure everyone enjoys the project! 

Our creative design process involves understanding clients’ needs and applying our artistic skills (and extensive knowledge of themed props and sculpture) to deliver a great outcome for all. We have worked with local government, commercial businesses, entrepreneurs, nature lovers, art collectors and sculpture enthusiasts in Australia and internationally.

Our commercial clients are from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Catering – Props and decor for restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs and taverns
  • Retail – Themed shop fit-outs and window displays
  • Landscape gardeners – Artificial rocks, trees, caves, decor, play structures
  • Local government – Sculptures to enhance public spaces, playgrounds & tourist attractions
  • Museums – Realistic exhibits and wildlife animals
  • Aquariums – Artificial coral reefs, and marine life animals
  • Zoos – Large entry statements, artificial rocks/trees for habitats, zoo animal exhibits
  • Interpretive Centres – Educational displays, replicas of valuable items
  • Cultural Centres – Artefacts and exhibits to showcase cultural characteristics
  • Childcare Centres – educational playground items, Australian animals
  • Mini-golf Courses – Themed exhibits to attract and entertain visitors
  • Schools – Artificial trees for libraries or play spaces filled with wildlife sculptures
  • Information Centres – Showcase local area indigenous animal and plant species
  • Theme Parks – Mural art and character or animal exhibits such as pirates, fantasy, safari animals, dinosaurs and prehistoric displays.
Check out our sculpture projects to see examples of our work for these industries. For more information, call us on 07 3289 7555 or email [email protected].

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