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David Joffe – ImagineerNatureworks has 40 years’ experience in the theming industry and has created many of original designs and masters of many of the world's wildlife art sculpturesArtificial Rockwork by Natureworks - Replicating natural artformsLuna-Park-Iconic-Entry-Statement- Custom built by Natureworks teamRiversleigh Fossil Centre megafauna animal exhibitsGondwana Rainforest Sanctuary - Complete living rainforest - Southbank Brisbane
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David Joffe – Imagineering Director

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David is highly skilled in developing the visitor experience and knows how to combine entertainment with education to produce “Edutainment” and the essential ‘WOW!’ factor. David is sought after as a consultant to architects and engineers worldwide for his creative vision and for his knowledge building the bizarre. He is a high-energy, creative thinker who’s brain was nurtured by the natural world from both his childhood and a life lived in the subtropical rainforests of South East Queensland.

Preparator of natural history to sculpture artist of wildlife animals & landscapes formations

David’s passion for the diversity of perfect form within the natural world guides the vision for the company’s future.

David Joffe was originally trained as a museum preparator at the Queensland Museum from 1970 – 1979. During this time his skills were finely honed in the art of replicating elements of the natural world.

David left the museum in 1979 to pursue his dream of creating the first fabrication business applying museum techniques to the commercial world.

David has dedicated his life to creating a collection of moulds of nature’s art. The collection includes literally thousands of animal, bird, reptile and frog castings, gleaned from life and original sculptures including logs, trees, roots, rocks, ponds, fungi, corals, invertebrates, termite mounds, water lilies, dinosaurs, giant crystals and fossils. These moulds provide a unique resource when the need arises to create beautiful natural habitats and environments.

40 years experience in the theming industry

David’s experience is drawn from the numerous projects he has created for zoos, aviaries, cultural centres, theme parks, botanical gardens, shopping malls, aquaria, playgrounds, mini-golf and museums!

His experience in design and construct at the grassroots level in project development enables a client to prepare realistic budgets against design and fabrication parameters which are often outside of the experience and horizons of quantity surveyors, architects and engineers.

It is a fundamental requirement of design to know how to translate these irregular and unique forms into a practical application for construction. For David, after more than 4o years designing and specifying natural history-related projects, this process is simply second nature.

About Natureworks

Natureworks is an extraordinary enterprise, which mixes the disciplines of the built environment with the creativity and imagination of exceptional artists with a passion for Natural History.


Since 1971, David has pursued a commitment to always retain a museum standard master of every item of wildlife art the company produced, now numbering over 2,000 items. Copies of these masters have since been continually drawn on for use in both the private and commercial sector. This “library” of exhibit resources positions Natureworks as a unique supplier of high detailed replicas for use in museums worldwide.


Demand for the Natureworks products is increasingly called for by all sectors as the world’s pristine habitats dwindle and extinctions proliferate. Since inception, David’s business has been inundated with the strangest of requests and has subsequently amassed an unparalleled collection of natural history sculptures and oddities. Combined with David’s knowledge and expertise, this collection affords Natureworks a leading edge in the theming industry.

David can energize your project with dynamic, original thought and the grin factor! Don’t be themed without him!

Gondwana rainforest Sanctuary was built to highlight the need to conserve planet Earth and the importance of rainforests in our survival.Gondwana Rainforest Catalogue

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